Behind the Brand: Biophile

With Co-Founder and Creator of Biophile |  By Kortney K.

To continue our ongoing Behind the Brand series - we spoke with Alison Cutlan - Co-founder and creator of Biophile, a new generation of microbiome-supporting skincare that is clean, effective and symbiotic with our bodies and the environment:

Your process seems intriguing, but I’m unsure everyone (including myself, ha!) will understand the words “biofermentation” and “cold processing”. Can you break down the process for us? 

Yes, ‘biofermentation’ is a technical way of saying ‘fermentation’; it draws attention to the living process of fermentation and the organisms that do the work. Fermentation is a process in which microbes breaks down a substrate into smaller parts, transforming it to be better absorbed by the body, more bio-active and much more nutritious. During this process, microbes produce a rich array of micro-nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and complex sugars (prebiotics)- the body can easily utilize.

‘Cold processing’ refers to our production methods that do not use any heat energy. This is important to note because not only does it us less resources, it preserves the freshness and activity of our ingredients.

Tell us more about your Refining Essence, Rejuvenating Serum, and Nourishing Oil. When’s the best time to use each? Can you use all together?

The biophile lineup of three products are designed to be a simple regime that speaks the universal language of skin (ie. all skin types can use). They are designed to be synergetic when used together, although you can easily incorporate just one product into your current regime.  


Root Bionic Refining Essence (Refine/ Tone) :  

Our Essence is the first step after cleansing. It is designed to gently refine the skin, clear pores, hydrate and brighten. This is a perfect skin prep for our serum because skin that is refined and hydrated absorbs all of your skincare ingredients better. This formula also features Bionic Acid a unique polyhydroxy acid that gently refines, hydrates and protects your skin, along with low MW hyaluronic acid, willowbark, and prebiotics.  

Gentle enough to be used by almost all skin types. This product is perfect antidote to Maskne!


Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum (Feed/Treat):

Our award-winning Shroom Serum is a fan favorite. It's the ultimate skin food, hydrator and regenerating treatment that protects, calms and delivers powerful anti-aging benefits. The base of this serum is our antioxidant rich Shroom Biotic BrothTM our Lacto/Bifida fermented broth made with Chaga, Reishi and Tremella mushrooms) along with high levels of power actives like Niacinamide, Vitamin C, prebiotics,  peptides and a unique matrix of bio-hydrators.  This is an all in one serum that many find is all they need. Very gentle yet powerful, you will start to see results within only a few uses – skin becomes softer, clearer, smoother and more radiant.


Bio Barrier Oil (Nourish/Fortify):

This oil is designed to be used after the serum to provide oil-based nutrients to the skin, carrying everything deeper and sealing it all in for a plump and fortified finish. It features fermented Green Tea Seed oil, which penetrates the skin very quickly and in addition to its antioxidant power, it has a plumping and reinforcing effect on the skin with its ceramide-like qualities. Power actives like Vitamin C, Omega-3-rich oils, and dermal-strengthening Schizandra Berry Extract contribute to a nourished, plump and reinforced the skin barrier. 


You can use all of these formulas one after the other or you can experiment with ‘cocktailing’ them. Suggested cocktail can be combining the serum and the oil for a single step. You also can combine the Essence and the Oil for a single step as well.

What inspired you to get into beauty?

I've been in the beauty industry as a product innovator for close to 20 years now! I am a biologist by training and spent my grad school days researching medicinal plants and human health. Upon graduating, I entered the beauty industry with a mission to use the power of nature to make beauty cleaner, more sustainable and more effective. Using the power microbes and plants to create biophile’s formulas has been a culmination of many years of love and respect for the power of biology.


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