our story

biophile™ is born out of a passion to push against convention and with scientific rigor, creativity and imagination, pioneers a new generation of microbiome-supporting skincare that is cleaner, more effective and more symbiotic with our bodies and the environment.

Unlike anything on the market, biophile™ merges the power of bio-fermentation and nature to create sustainable, pro-microbiome skincare that works. 

Our breakthrough formulas are made with the help of microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, algae) that fuel our Biotic Broths™ for formulas that are more bio-compatible, potent and sustainable.

Our promise to you is beyond-clean formulas that work with your own biology to reveal your healthiest skin possible. Safe, sustainable and highly effective skincare is at the core of what we do. Our products are made in small batches with the highest purity and integrity.

The Founders

Ours is a story of unity, diversity, and revolution. 

Alison: a maverick creative scientist, an award-winning clean beauty pioneer, and the personification of a biophile – a true lover of life and living things.

Grace: a fierce, intelligent, African American woman, seasoned corporate businesswoman and a creative force of momentum and positivity in both life and business. 

From the moment Alison and Grace were introduced, they learned that while their differences were vast, they shared a common passion for wellness and their diversity was the making of incredible synergy. 

Like biophile’s formulations, Alison and Grace’s superpowers and diverse cultural viewpoints and backgrounds combine to create a potent, synergistic and highly efficacious team. 

Today, Alison and Grace are reinventing skincare with biophile™, a pro-microbiome skincare brand that marks a new generation of advanced, sustainable, clean beauty formulated to transform skin through living micro-organisms and fermented Biotic Broths™.   

Launched in November 2019, biophile™ has already gotten nods from the industry; biophile’s Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum was named “Best Face Serum” by Indie Beauty in January 2020.

about Alison

Alison Cutlan is the award-winning scientist behind biophile’s pioneering formulations and co-founder of biophile™. 

A passionate scientist and creative, Alison is a 20-year industry expert in green chemistry, and natural and biology-based innovations in beauty and personal care. Known for her work product development and innovation, she develops formulas that are a unique blend of artistry and scientific rigor.

A true lover of life and living things, Alison believes our future lies in using bio-made (grown) materials that bring us closer to our planet.  She can found ‘culturing’ up new skincare formulations in the biophile™ lab in Brooklyn or exploring nature outside of the city on her motorcycle.

About Grace

Grace Fooden is an African American businesswoman with 30+ years’ experience with luxury brands and co-founder of biophile™.

As a proven merchant, general manager and brand innovator at Ralph Lauren, Spanx, Warnaco and Perry Ellis, Grace is known as a relentless problem solver with design instincts. She is skillful in unlocking value, achieving sustained financial performance with diversified consumer segments including turnaround, established companies and product launches.

A true lover of life and living things, Grace embraces an array of wellness modalities to power her quest to lead with her difference. In all aspects of her day-to-day life, she seeks actions that bring real and lasting results.

The biophile™ lab is located near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY, a waterway so challenged by industrial pollution that it became a superfund site in 2010.

To us, it's a daily reminder of the perils that toxic manufacturing has on our ecosystems and a driving force to be part of the sustainable solution.

There is a deep need to create in a new, sustainable way. Utilizing the power of biology, it is our mission to create a new generation of skincare that is symbiotic with our bodies and the environment.