our story

biophile™ is born out of a passion to push against convention and - with scientific rigor, creativity and imagination - pioneers a new generation of beauty that is cleaner, more effective and more symbiotic with our bodies and the environment.

Unlike anything on the market, biophile™ merges the power of bio-fermentation and nature to create sustainable, pro-biome skincare that works.


Alison Cutlan is a scientist with a background in biology and medicinal plant chemistry and skincare industry expert in natural innovations and sustainable bio-tech in beauty.

With nearly 20 years of experience, she has developed numerous award-winning skincare products along with innovation patents.

Merging her interest in the skin microbiota, medicinal plants, bio innovation and sustainable design, Alison brings biophile™ to life.

The biophile™ lab is located near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY, a waterway so challenged by industrial pollution it became a superfund site in 2010.

To us, its a daily reminder of the perils toxic manufacturing has on our ecosystems and a driving force to be part of the sustainable solution.

There is a deep need to create in a new, sustainable way. Utilizing the power of biology, it is our mission to create a new generation of skincare that is symbiotic with our bodies and the environment.

our promise

Our promise to you is beyond-clean formulas that work with your own biology to reveal your healthiest skin possible. Safe, sustainable and highly effective skincare is at the core of what we do. Our products are made in small batches with the highest purity and integrity.