biophile bi•o•phile (noun) "lover of life and living things"

biophile™ combines advanced fermentation science and powerful bio-actives to create, clean, supercharged, pro-biome skin treatments that work with the natural biology of the skin. Within days, skin is transformed to look healthier, smoother and more radiant.

the biophile™ difference

Each formula is built around our proprietary Biotic Broths™ made with 6 strain probiotic bacteria + botanical, fungi or superfood extracts in a unique bio-fermentation process that results in nutrient-dense, pro biome broths with increased potency.

our science

bio-shroom rejuvenating serum

"I am a sucker for a great serum. This particular serum is chock-full of intentional, powerful ingredients to help your skin appear smoother, calmer, and more radiant."

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about biophile

biophile™ is born out of a passion to push against convention. We are pioneering a new generation of beauty that is cleaner, more effective and more symbiotic with our bodies and the environment.

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