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the explorer trio

Our simplified regime for ultimate skin revitalization

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with our Shroom Biotic BrothTM technology

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fermentation-powered skincare

pro-biome . sustainable . superior efficacy

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our process

Multi-strain probiotic bacteria + Superfoods

Lactobacillus + bifidobacteri + organic plant, fungi and superfood extracts


Our proprietary bio-fermentation process


A post-biotic superfood for the skin + bio-active, clinically proven, fermentation-derived Power Actives


100% active
Microbiome friendly
Advanced skin benefits

pro-microbiome beauty brings skin to life

You are a unique macro-organism. Your body is home to trillions of microorganisms – bacteria and flora. This is your microbiome. It is personal to you. It is your ally. A living network of communication, your microbiome produces vitamins, protective molecules and immune factors that are essential for healthy skin functioning and is your first-line defense against the elements. Our microbiomes must be cared for, yet everyday skincare products can compromise their health, causing inflammation, acne, skin conditions and premature aging.

Biophile™ products are designed for skin life and a healthy microbiome. We harness the power of probiotic organisms in a unique fermentation process along with botanicals, fungi and superfood extracts to create the ultimate youth-food for the skin.

Our formulas and proprietary Biotic Broths™ work with the entire skin ecosystem to supercharge skin health from the microbiome down to its deepest layers. Skin becomes healthier, brighter and more vibrant. Isn’t it time you brought your skin back to life?

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“'We highlighted businesses [like biophile] which were excelling in ideation and bringing a newness to their respective industries,' says [Samuel] Ross of grants supporting black-owned businesses."


"After using [Biophile's] trio, I get glowing, radiant, plumped and supple skin, without dry patches or oily areas, without irritation (no matter how long i am outside at -10 Celsius!)"


"An awesome formula pushing the boundaries of traditional skincare formulas. I would rather spend money on these kinds of innovations than big beauty brands."

Skincare Product Ratings

“the INCI [ingredient list] is phenomenal”

Beauty Endeavor

"a visionary brand"


"After using [biophile’s] trio I get glowing, radiant, plumped and supple skin, without dry patches or oily areas, without irritation..."


Take an inside look at our lab and process with Alison